The biggest fault of marketing is when a company has the wrong message to reach its target audience. All of your marketing efforts will struggle to gain traction, no matter the tactics or mediums, if this is the case. Yet most agencies fail to do the right due diligence in their efforts, jumping right to creative and media. (their biggest profit centers) That’s what leads to all the bad messaging out there in the market.

There is the inside-out, navel-gazing view of what the brand wants to be, but with no relevance to its audience. The jargon-infused messages that go right over the heads of potential customers. The multi-point messages that barrage your audience with a multitude of messages but fail to grab their attention with the right one. Last but not least, the cure for no known disease, the incredibly different message addressing a problem that isn’t as important to your audience as it is to you.

No matter how great the creative, how efficient the channel planning or how effective the measurement and optimization, your marketing efforts will fail to meet expectations. They will be trudging in quicksand.

This is where Brand Fox comes in. Sharp, audience-centric positioning strategies that will connect and convert audience, inspire great creative and get the most of out of your channels and spend. Shouldn’t your brand be a little more Foxy?

How do you go about doing this?

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