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One can’t be a brand champion without being quick to jump on the branding soapbox, and Brand Fox has no shortage of opinions on brand strategy:

CABs Can Be A Wild Ride – Learn how to avoid the most important traps – heading into the asteroid field, ending up in the mouth of a space slug, exposing your thermal exhaust port to competitors, and to ensure CABs, and your entire organization, are focused on what matters most.

Breaking Through The Doom Scroll – Struggling to reach your B2B customers through their doom scrolls? Be hyper-relevant, credible, compelling and clear, and you’ll be able to engage even those prospects whose hair is on fire. (figuratively not literally)

Business Breakthrough Podcast – Five Biggest Messaging MistakesDave Fionda and I had a very engaging discussion on the five most common messaging mistakes and how to avoid them.

Animalz Podcast – Brand Positioning – I sat down with Devin Bramhall from content marketing agency Animalz to discuss the importance of brand for content marketers, as well as some successful strategies they can use.

Don’t Chase Shiny Objects – Resist the urge to chase those shiny objects in marketing, or risk ending up flopping in someone’s boat. Even if sales recommended it, you’ll be the one gasping for air.

Leadership is Earned, But NEVER Marketed – Being a leader is one thing. Marketing as a leader is a very different thing. Leadership is something that is earned everyday, but never, EVER should it be marketed.

Positioned Like a Mayo Sandwich? Blame The Why – Positioning failing to connect with your audience? It could be the “Why” is to blame. Stop positioning like a mayo sandwich. Don’t forget the meat and garnish.

The 5 Commandments of Startup Branding – Thou shalt not ignore this article. Commandments tackles the 5 most common mistakes of startup branding. Avoid them and avoid the big flood to come. Sure beats building a big ark. (which investors won’t pay for)

Positioning = Adderall for Startup ADD – Know any startups suffering from ADD? Well there’s a drug for that – one with lots of benefits and few side effects. Get a Brand Positioning prescription today – 4 out of 5 brand strategists recommend it. (and the other one is busy chasing a ball)

Don’t Be A Lionel Hutz Marketer – Everybody loves Lionel Hutz, the adorable, inept lawyer on the Simpsons. In addition to defending your life, you can also get your shoes repaired, buy some real estate or have him babysit your kids, all in the same location. But is that the approach you should take with your marketing?

Branding? We Don’t Need No Stinking Branding – Much like the group of bandits getting ready to attack Rock Ridge at noon tomorrow, most entrepreneurs don’t feel the need to pay much attention to branding. Well the longer you wait to focus on brand, the harder and more costly it gets. Still the list of excuses I’ve heard over the years is long and lustrous. Lets tackle them one at a time.

Prospects Don’t Give A %&#$ About Your Innovation – You might be asking yourself, “Well we have a very innovative product, why shouldn’t we position around innovation?” Innovation platforms are one of the most common B2B messaging approaches, but equally one of the least effective.

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