People come to know brands by the problem they solve, and learning occurs one step at a time. In situations where budget and marketing/sales staffs are smaller, such as startup or B2B marketing, focus and repetition are required. Additionally great brands connect emotionally and then convert rationally. Lastly, great positioning and messaging is the art of reduction – less is more. Sharp value propositions penetrate, while multi-point ones only skim the surface.

Today, the most successful brands are built on a foundation of clear and consistent audience-centric messaging. For many brands differentiation isn’t based on what they do but more often on how they do it. Our process reveals potential positioning directions as well as messaging architectures en route to a final brand strategy. This strategy drives the direction for all future marketing communication programs and maximizes your marketing investment.

Our Process
The optimum process includes the collection of internal and external insights to aid consensus building, combined with audience validation to ensure selection of the message that will drive the most connection and response. Validation is the most important part of this process as it ensures we’re not just drinking from the company Kool Aid. Frequently our process includes the following steps:

Phase One: Discovery
> Immersion/Research Review
> Executive Interviews
> Audience Interviews/Surveys
> Communications Audit
> Findings Report
> Potential Value Propositions

Phase Two: Validation
> Audience Validation Interviews
> Findings

Phase Three: Final Brand Strategy
> Final Messaging Strategy

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